FireCare Operators & Workers

FireCare is committed to creating a community that is involved and engaged in the process of helping to prevent wildfire. Simple changes can make a big difference!

After you receive your Property Risk Assessment Report, our FireCare Operators & Workers are here to help you with any fire safety tasks that you cannot manage on your own or that you do not wish to do.

All FireCare Operators & Workers are
Trained, Experienced and covered by WorkSafe BC.

Our Trained Workers have the Safety Equipment, Chainsaws, Chippers, and Rakes that can quickly make a property much safer from Wildfire. We also can coordinate with 3rd party Professionals, if needed, for tree felling, etc.

How FireCare Safety Remediation Jobs and Tasks are managed:

When a Home Owner requests work to be done by FireCare, we provide Safety Solutions, as well as:

  • Minute by Minute Billing and End of Day Invoicing that is clear and easy to understand
  • All work conforms to BC Employment Standards
  • At the end of the work, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the Home Owner
  • Financial Management and Remittances to WorkSafe and Revenue Canada
  • Our work supports our Volunteer Fire Departments & our Community

FireCare Operators:

FireCare Operators are the Project Leads who provide the PRA’s. They also:

  • Assign a Worker to a job
  • For larger jobs, they put together a team of Workers, as well as organizing which Worker will complete which tasks.
  • Handle Training
  • Complete PRA Tasks

FireCare Workers:

All FireCare Workers are:

  • Trained and Qualified to undertake all PRA Tasks assigned to them
  • Local workers are known by their community

Localizing all aspects of neighbourhood wildfire remediation
helps the entire community!

For more information on protecting your home, property and family – check out these pages:

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