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FireCare Community Services can help you determine and remove Fire Hazards from your Property in order to give your Home a much higher survivablity chance should Wildfire occur.

Below you’ll find some great information on how to protect your home and family from wildfire – and just let us know if you have any questions.

Register for a FireCare Property Risk Assessment (PRA) – Sunshine Coast, BC

Is Your Property Prepared for Wildfire? Are you?

FireCare (a Pender Harbour start up) is now working with Home Owners in order to build a program to provide recommendations and services according to FireSmart BC Guidelines. The vision is to help Home Owners make their Property FireSmart by providing property fire hazard reviews and suggesting a list of tasks which the Home Owner can undertake to help protect their Home.

Get Started with a Property Risk Assessment

A “Property Risk Assessment” or PRA, is our report of FireSmart BC improvements to make to your Property. The PRA is provided by a FireCare Operator who will arrange to meet you on your Property to perform a property walk through.

“50% of the homes burned from wildfires are started by sparks or embers”
– FireSmart BC

Fire Hazards which could lead to the loss of property are defined within several Priority Zones around your House. Each Priority Zone is then assigned a list of Tasks required to remove or mitigate Hazards in each.

Once You Have Received your PRA

FireCare will include a list of tasks which may or may not be within the capabilities of the Home Owner. Tasks such as:
• Removing firewood 10 meters away from the home
• Clearing dry brush and dead-fall
• Limbing trees up to 6 feet from the ground
Do you possess the necessary skills and safety equipment?

This is where we can help, by including people who are qualified to perform more advanced or involved Hazard Removal such as a tall, dead standing tree. Generally, a FireCare Worker will be skilled in Chain Saw, Chipper, and Weed-eater use to remove most hazards including small trees up to six inches in diameter.
FireCare Workers are trained to use each tool or machine including all Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to keep them safe. If the PPE is not available, the Task is put on hold until it is. Safety is paramount!

What FireCare Services Can Do to Help

Our business model is, we believe, unique. We intend to operate every aspect efficiently and transparently in order to make it as affordable to as much of the neighbourhood or town as possible.

FireCare Workers are paid wages according to the PRA estimate. The FireCare SALVO system manages all billing and payments according to recorded tasks and their start and end times for each Worker. This ensures every aspect of performing FireCare Tasks are accounted for.

In real terms, this means that only real work, and regulated 15 minute breaks (as per BC Employment Standards Act) are charged. This helps the home Owner be certain they are getting a great job done efficiently.

FireCare Workers receive the best wages we can make happen by operating an efficient system. This also benefits the Home Owner as they will receive the best priced service and ensures a competent and safe team through training.

Ultimately, we hope Home Owners will realize a benefit on their Property Insurance by providing a full Property Wildfire mitigation report as a component of the PRA. Should neighbouring consecutive Properties be FireCare Certified, a greater savings may be realized. With Wildfire becoming more likely every year, you can bet insurance rates will continue to rise.

What if Wildfire Occurs Near Your Property

Regardless if your Property has been FireCare Certified or not, you must be ready to leave.

Personal Preparedness

  • Do you have emergency water near by if your power is turned off?
  • Do you have an emergency food source?
  • How about a Radio with spare batteries.
  • Do you have any First Aid kits? Is it ready to grab and go at any moment?
  • Do you have several escape routes determined?
  • Do you have emergency cash which is never borrowed from?
  • FireCare suggests following FireSmart BC Personal Preparedness guidelines.

How Your Home Will Fare

With luck, a Wildfire will be be burning cooler by the time it reaches your Property. If you have taken precautions according FireSmart BC recommendations, your home may stand a very good chance of surviving.

Are you concerned about Ticks near your property & pets?

Ticks are here to stay, and can be dangerous to Pets and People. Although we will never be able to get rid of them entirely, by removing their habitat, their numbers are greatly reduced.

Ticks generally reside at the border between fields and forest. Removing plants such as Salal, dry brush and grasses around open areas removes a vector for Ticks.

When you register to have a Property Risk Assessment provided for your Property, watch for the “I’m Concerned about Ticks” check box.

It’s easy to get a Property Risk Assessment!

It will only takes a minute or two to gather a few details. If you would rather talk to a FireCare Operator directly, call (604) 638 2668 ext 111 or click to: email for general inquiries.

Click below to get your
Property Risk Assessment (PRA)

Our FireCare Operators and Workers are here to help you determine your properties wildfire risk factors, as well as the best and most cost-effective ways to remediate those risks in order to enhance the safety of your property, home and family.

After receiving the PRA, Home Owners may remediate any indentified wildfire risks themselves or ask for our Operator / Worker to complete the remediation for them.

All FireCare Operators and Workers
are fully covered by WorkSafe BC.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help you and the Community learn how to be more safe from wildfire.

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