About FireCare Community Services Association

FireCare Community Services Association, a British Columbia Non-Profit Association, was founded by Max Scoular, John Lucas, Alisa Kouznetsova and Vern Baker.

FireCare Community Services Association’s goal is to bring Community-minded Operators and Workers together with Home Owners to fulfill the growing need of property protection from the risk of wildfires.

We have a growing list of Operators and Workers to fulfill various wildfire preventative remediation tasks. Check back soon for more information on our Operators and Workers.

Here’s a little bit of background on our Founders:

Max Scoular – Sunshine Coast Resident / Born & raised – Experience with wildfire containment. Proficiency in blasting and excavating. General knowledge and interests in many industries operating on the Sunshine Coast.  Max creates and trains FireCare teams.  If you are interest in working with FireCare you can reach Max at 604 638 2668 ext 111.

John Lucas – Sunshine Coast Resident – Volunteer Firefighter (Assistant Chief) – Born, raised and returned to the Sunshine Coast. Software Developer with experience working at Rockstar Games North and Microsoft BigPark. Interests include board games and homesteading.

Vern Baker – Sunshine Coast Resident – Developer of communications, map and charting solutions, and data collection systems. Interested in local economies and non-centralized networking solutions. Hiking on the Sunshine Coast is his favourite pastime.

Alisa Kouznetsova – Provides financial automation and accounting solutions. Specializes in investment banking integrating emerging countries.


For more information on protecting your home, property and family – check out these pages:

Home Owners  |  Property Risk Assessment  |  Home Owner Sign Up
FireCare Workers  |  Contact FireCare

Let us know how we can help you.

FireCare Community Services Association
A British Columbia Non-Profit Association