December 2023 – Service Begins!

FireCare Community Services Association

Protect Your Property, Home and Family from Wildfire

FireCare Community Services Association (FireCare) is a British Columbia Non-Profit Association dedicated to helping prevent fires that can cost people’s homes and lives.

We help Home Owners make their property,
homes and families safer from wildfire.

FireCare provides Home Owners with a thorough and easy to understand Wildfire Property Risk Assessment (PRA).

FireCare can help you understand your property and home’s risk from wildfire based on the standards set by FireSmart BC*. We also provide workable solutions for the Home Owner to remediate issues outlined in our PRA Report, as well as Operators and Workers that can tackle the remediation that the Home Owner cannot or does not want to handle on their own.

*FireCare follows FireSmart BC Guidelines, but is ‘not’ affiliated with FireSmart BC.

All of FireCare Operators & Workers are ‘fully covered’ by WorkSafe BC


FireCare Relaunch – December 2023

Due to unforeseen circumstances back in 2020 (you know the one), we were unable to launch FireCare when we had planned to. Since then, there has been a concerted effort by regional districts and other agencies...

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FireSmart Training

We are excited to let you know that all of the Founders of FireCare will be training in the FireSmart BC course this November. We look forward to continuing our FireSmart BC education. The FireCare Team

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FireCare Mobile App Update

The FireCare Team is just about to launch our new Mobile App! Our new Mobile App is a very helpful tool for your Wildfire Prevention toolbelt. Please check back often for new info! The FireCare Team

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What are the FireCare PRA Benefits?

  • Increased Safety from Wildfire for your Property and Home
  • Printed FireCare PRA Report for your Property
  • Potential for Lower Property Insurance Rates
  • Peace of Mind for You and Your Family
  • Trained Professional Help
  • FireCare Training & Services may encourage additional Volunteer Firefighters
  • Home Owners are billed only for work being performed – by the minute
  • Local FireCare Operators & Workers are well known in their Community
  • All of FireCare Operators & Workers are Fully Covered by WorkSafe BC
  • Costs are kept low by removing most FireCare overhead costs
  • Fire Breaks for Property are created
  • Can Install Water Systems to mist, etc.
  • Possibility of Opening Up the Views

Home Owners: Get our FireCare Property Risk Assessment – Property Walk Through

Home Owners are responsible for their home’s fire safety, and FireCare can help you!

We provide a Property Risk Assessment (PRA) after walking around your property with you – in order to determine possible fire hazards. Our PRA Report provides information about all hazards on your property ‘zone by zone’ and how the identified hazards impact your home’s Wildfire Survival Score.

Click here for more information and
to get a Property Risk Assessment (PRA) Report.

FireCare Community Services can help you determine and remediate potential Fire Hazards on your Property in order to give your Home a much higher survivablity chance should Wildfire occur.

‘Protect Your Property, Home and Family from Wildfire’

How does FireCare Community Services Association work?

  1. Quick & Easy Sign up
  2. Schedule a Property Risk Assessment (PRA)
  3. Trained Professional does a FireCare assessment of your property
  4. You will receive printed PRA Report
  5. You schedule FireCare Crew to remediate Fire risk of your property
    5B. You handle remediation of property yourself
  6. You notify your Insurance Provider that your property meets the ‘FireSmart’ guidelines

For more information on protecting your home, property and family – check out these pages:

Home Owners  |  Property Risk Assessment (PRA)  |  Home Owner Sign Up
FireCare Workers  |  Contact FireCare

We look forward to hearing from you.

FireCare Community Services Association
A British Columbia Non-Profit Association